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מכונה לייצור בלוק אבן למכירה

Block Making Machine for Sale HLQY-32-1700 is equipped with Siemens electronic control system, which has good stability and high automation performance.
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block making machine for sale

HLQY-32-1700 type multi-blade combination saw stone cutting machine, 32 means that a maximum of 32 saws can be installed, and 1700 means that the maximum saw blade diameter is 1700mm. Blades of different diameters can cut slabs at the same time, and can cut slabs such as granite and marble into slabs of different thicknesses. Customers can flexibly choose the number of blade combinations they need according to their actual needs. It has two kinds of saw blade hanging methods: big-small and big-medium-small. Its spindle lift adopts 6 cylindrical guide rails, so it is called a six-pillars heavy duty multi-blade stone cutting machine.


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Fujian Hualong Stone Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997 and is located in Huangshi Industrial Zone. The geographical environment here is superior, adjacent to the high-speed rail, and the transportation is very convenient. Hualong has accumulated many years of experience in stone machinery research and development, production and management, and has a complete set of advanced production equipment, first-class technical research and development personnel and management personnel. At present, while the scale of our company is constantly expanding, we always insist on high-quality products and considerate service. Hualong brand stone machinery and equipment are exported to all over the world, and have been unanimously recognized by customers. Hualong will launch more and better products to serve our customers.


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